Did you know?

  • Hedd Wyn – a True Welsh Talent

    Hedd Wyn – a True Welsh Talent

    Yr Ysgwrn is a traditional Welsh farmhouse and Grade II* listed building, dating from the 1830s, which came to international recognition in 1917, as the home of the poet Ellis Humphrey Evans, better known by his bardic name, Hedd Wyn (‘Blessed Peace’).

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  • The Purr Behind the Throne

    The Purr Behind the Throne

    The reign of Charles I was dominated by religious and political conflict including the English Civil War, but legend has it that the all powerful King was convinced one thing could protect him – his black cat!

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  • President Lincoln and North Wales

    President Lincoln and North Wales

    The Oscar winning film starring Daniel Day Lewis as President Abraham Lincoln made the news in the 2013 Oscars with its star taking best actor Oscar, but did you know that President Lincoln has ancestry in North Wales?

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  • From Weaving to Computers

    From Weaving to Computers

    Who would have thought that cloth weaving and the invention of the first computer would be linked but read on and you’ll find out how.

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  • Thomas Telford – Colossus of Roads

    Thomas Telford – Colossus of Roads

    If ever there was a boy made good in the world who did great things for North Wales, the Scottish designer and engineering genius Thomas Telford has to rate amongst the finest.

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  • Our Sleeping Hero

    Our Sleeping Hero

    Everyone has heard of Braveheart thanks to a certain film by Mel Gibson portraying the Scottish hero William Wallace, but few outside of Wales (unless you have studied Henry IV part one by William Shakespeare) have heard of our hero Owain Glyndŵr. 

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  • President Thomas Jefferson

    President Thomas Jefferson

    Did you know that, in addition to there being some 16 signatories of Welsh origin of the 56 delegates who signed the American Declaration of Independence, the Principal Author was one Thomas Jefferson, who went on to become the 3rd President of the United States of America. 

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  • Colonel John Jones Maesygarnedd

    Colonel John Jones Maesygarnedd

    Colonel John Jones (c. 1597-October 17, 1660), was a Welsh military leader, politician and one of the regicides of King Charles I.

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